Tigelleria Celebrates Earth Hour 2015


Tigelleria has been a proud participant and supporter of Earth Hour since 2008. Please join us in turning off the lights this year. Here’s a bit more about the event from the World Wildlife Fund: Earth Hour was famously started as a lights-off … [Read more]

Italian Espresso and Coffee


For many people espresso is an art. For Italians – it can undoubtedly be an obsession. Introduced in Italy by the merchants of Venice in the second half of the XVI century, while trading spices with the Ottoman Empire, the traditional "tazzina di … [Read more]

Traditional Branzino In Crosta (with a twist)


Tigelleria's branzino in crosta follows the traditional recipe with the exception of the sea salt bake. Branzino is a silver-skinned fish found in the European sea and saltwater lakes. It goes by many names, including European sea bass, spigola, … [Read more]